Humantechai, Social Enterprise with a mission to create employment for people, and Shareholder from more than 20 various companies to Gain and Grow. Humantechai takes pride in both our work and our relationships with others. We actively seek customers, suppliers, and like organizations who share our open, honest, and transparent management style, and our desire to work together to create mutually rewarding partnerships.

Established in 2020, we employ hundreds of people and generate $100M+ in annual revenues, 99% of which are from sales of our products and services. We achieve our mission by developing, investing in AI and Digital Currencies, and managing numerous lines of digital business, including: 

  Facilities Management and Environmental Services

  Train you concrete Marketing skills to advance your career and build a better future for yourself and your employer.

• Train you how to leverage the power of Invention in the same way companies such as IBM, Coinbase, Binance, Block8 and DitalX do. 

  Help you apply your invention skills to improve the quality of life for humankind. We live in a world filled with inefficient and frustrating, and you can make a positive impact by applying human-centered technology.

  Democratize Digital Marketing by providing top-quality, online customer service at a fraction of the cost of traditional business.

  We offer you the best expertise from high-tech companies.

  We produce top-grade learning materials with elite industry designers from Google and IBM as well as top professors from Stanford, MIT and Cambridge University.


  Supply Chain and Order Fulfillment Services throughout blockchain technology blockchain technology companies which continues to grow and evolve, to help founders and entrepreneurs to recognize its full potential and put out better products.